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We’ve been made to believe, through clever marketing and brand positioning, that certain brands and juices are good for us. Brands like Naked and Odwalla have done everything in their power to make us believe that they are healthy options, but are we being lead astray? Are the very foods that we’ve been told are healthy, actually keeping us fat, lazy, and unproductive?

Ian Ryan, host of the Fearless and Healthy podcast, is here to talk about the sneaky ways sugar can sneak into a diet and ruin all attempts at weight loss, or just healthy living and eating in general! Some of the worst culprits are the two above mentioned brands, Naked and Odwalla, and the incredible amount of sugar that ends up in a single bottle of their “all-natural” juice does far more harm than good!

The real problem lies in the proportions. Fruits like apples and others can be beneficial in small portions, but often pre-packaged juices contain unreasonable amounts, and the sugar content gets far too high for healthy eating.

On this episode of The James Swanwick Show, Ian Ryan talks about some of the simple ways that we can know that we’re safe and healthy in what we are choosing to eat. Look for items with a very small ingredient list. Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store. Always check the serving size before the nutrition facts. Plus, tons more to help you live the healthiest lifestyle possible, on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!


“It doesn’t matter how healthy something is, too much of it is a bad thing.” - Ian Ryan

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Notes on the Show:

  • We make certain assumptions based on the brand or the store that what they sell will be healthy, when that’s often not the case
  • Be aware of the number of servings on the container. A bottle of “healthy” juice could have 25 grams of sugar, but there’s 2.5 servings in the bottle, so a lot of people end up drinking between 50-100 grams of sugar
  • One of the only healthy ways to go is to make your own juice, and understand that you can’t pack it with fruit. More veggies than fruit. Fruit should only be added as a touch of flavor
  • Even sugars from fruit, which most people consider to be healthy, are still going to raise your blood sugar, and if you’re trying to go on a cleanse or lose weight, you need to be very conscious of the sugar levels
  • To be safe, stay away from anything that is bottled
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, not the center aisles
  • Berries are often the healthiest type of fruit
  • Bananas are one of the least healthy type of fruit
  • Always pay attention to serving sizes. Even if something is healthy, too much is still a bad thing
  • Learn how to read labels and understand nutrition and portions
  • Don’t eat things with tons of ingredients
  • Avoid lean fats and fat-free foods
  • Nuts are healthy, but extremely dense in calories, so be careful of servings sizes. Eat them slowly so that they will fill you up
  • Your body is very dehydrated in the morning, so make sure you have water before anything else
  • Try a homemade healthy green smoothie in the morning


“Always look for items with a very small ingredient list. Those are healthiest.” - Ian Ryan

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Resources: - Super-food green mixes that are very healthy


Show Notes:

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