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Do you know how to work a room? When you’re meeting new people, and in an unfamiliar environment, does it just seem like you’re the life of the party, or are you nervous and shy?


Today I’m reviewing the book “How to Work a Room” by Susan RoAne. If you’ve ever wondered how to make an awesome impression immediately, this episode is for you! So take notes, and learn how to be the person you want to be on this episode of The James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways

  • Be the person who introduces him or herself first. This will give you the power and control in the room
  • Try “what’s your story?” instead of “what do you do?” It opens up more conversational topics than just employment
  • Remember to keep smiling. If you’re smiling the first time someone sees you, they’re far more likely to be attracted to you in a platonic or romantic sense
  • Focus on having good continual posture


How to Work a Room by Susan RoAne


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