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Dan Peña is known around the world as the “50 Billion Dollar Man,” because his mentees cumulatively have created over 50 billion dollars worth of wealth. There are not too many, if any, people who can make a claim like that, and today he is bringing his passion and fire to help others create wealth to the James Swanwick Show.

We talk about how President Trump will change the world, why a first impression is so vital, how to grow a pair, why you must get comfortable being uncomfortable, and how to get the money that you need to build and grow a business.

If you’ve felt like you weren’t living up to your full potential before, in business and in life, Dan Peña is the guy to help you get that extra boost, and that is the knowledge and passion that he is bringing to the show today. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

  • You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so craft it carefully
  • In a lot of ways, the world has gone soft. People need backbone to survive and thrive
  • Build a personal foundation. Know who you really are
  • You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Understand where you really want to go, and the sacrifices and decisions that will get you there
  • There's more money available to you than you think
  • Your parents usually mess you up with the mindset they instill in you
  • The majority of the world is unhappy with what they do, and that should not be
  • There is only one standard: Be all you can be
  • Most people, at the end of the day, want to be liked, and this desire is holding them back




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Show Notes:

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