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Welcome to another episode of the James Swanwick show.  It’s a Tuesday night here, and I’m having my apartment warming party at my new place in West Hollywood.  Just to set the scene, I have about 22 people in my apartment where we’re all gathered. It’s a potluck party so everyone’s brought a different dish. And the food everyone brought was amazing…. you can actually check out the spread on my Instagram and see all the delicious dishes. In this episode I will be playing some of the sounds from the night, as I mingled with everyone and interviewed some of the fascinating guests here at my place. And I encourage you to plan your own potluck too!  It’s a great way to catch up with old friends ,while not have to worry about traveling all over town just to connect.  All you have to do is invite 12 or so friends and tell them to bring 1 friend each. That way you can meet up with old friends and have the opportunity to connect with new ones too. I will usually host them midweek, on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, since many people are too busy on Friday and the weekend. So get out there and host your own potluck party, and let me know how it goes. Enjoy the show! Let me know what you think on twitter and instagram @jamesswanwick 

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