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Do you have a method in place to make sure that you accomplish everything that you want to get done? Is there a reliable system to guarantee that you are accomplishing what you set out to, thereby making progress on the big goals in your life? Or do you find that you get stuck on meaningless activities, on a human hamster-wheel, constantly working but rarely making progress?

Michael Sandler knows a thing or two about getting things done. He’s the host of one of the top ranked self-help podcasts in iTunes, Inspire Nation, has completed a 5,000 mile, 40 day, solo, unsupported bike ride across the country, was a successful businessman, became a leading barefoot running coach, and so much more. He’s mastered the ability to see a goal through to fulfillment, and he’s paid careful attention along the way to the things that have allowed him to see such success.

This episode of The James Swanwick Show is all about how to put processes into place that, over time, allow you to accomplish incredible things. Michael talks about techniques to skip intermediate steps on the way to success, essentially jumping to the top rung of the ladder. We get into Michael’s 5-step method to accelerate success, how to build tasks into a brainless system that help get them done without you even thinking about it, and how looking at time as blocks and putting the most important thing you have to do into the very next available block can help you be productive even through an unpredictable schedule.

But one of the most poignant moments of the show comes when Michael makes the statement that “fear has never killed anyone. What kills you is knowing that you didn’t go for it.” And you can see that Michael truly lives his life this way. Being afraid is not a problem. The problem is in allowing fear to hold you back from really going for what you want to accomplish in this life. Don’t be someone who looks back on their life with regret about the things that they didn’t even attempt to accomplish. Give it a shot! Take the initial first steps, and use Michael’s 5-step method to make progress on your dreams.

So listen up and pay attention to this episode, in order to learn how to accomplish more faster, to not get burnt out, to work harder and smarter than everyone, and to ultimately accomplish your goals and live the life that you want on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

“Don’t climb the ladder, jump to the top rung.” - Michael Sandler

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Notes on the Show:

  • You don’t always have to start from the bottom of something. Look at what the people at the top are doing, and emulate them to skip intermediate steps

  • When we truly believe that we can be the best, we will not only practice, but we will visualize. This process of believing and visualize is extremely powerful in accomplishing goals

  • Be fearless in taking steps toward your goal. They don’t have to be big steps, but they need to be headed the right direction

  • Take a small step toward what you have to do (something like putting it in your calendar) to make sure that it actually happens

  • Taking action will often help you to adjust your vision for where you want to go and how you want to get there

  • When there is an obstacle in front of you, before you try to overcome it, take a second and try to understand why it’s there and if it means you should course-correct

  • You must be aligned personally with the work you are doing. Otherwise, you will get burned out on it

  • Build the things that you must get done into a brainless system

  • Look at your time as blocks of time. Then make a commitment to grab the first block that becomes available to get the stuff that you have to do done


5 Ways to Accelerate Your Success

  1. Write it down. Don’t underestimate the power of journaling as if it has already happened. Burn this visualization into your brain, including all the details, with a lot of emotion

  2. Initiate. Get started!

  3. Take small baby steps at the beginning, which eventually start to turn into larger steps

  4. Have a plan. Know where you want to go. Have a goal in mind, and adjust your sails as you go

  5. Work harder and smarter than anyone else. Put in the time and effort.


“Fear has never killed anyone. What kills you is knowing that you didn’t go for it.” - Michael Sandler

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