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What happens when one of the world’s most infamous playboys, known everywhere for his rambunctious lifestyle and lack of boundaries, decides it’s time to settle down? When he starts to take a deeper look at his life, and some of the possible reasons behind his wild behavior, and if there might be more to life than sleeping around and getting hammered every night?


Tucker Max is a bestselling author and self-proclaimed “raging dick-head.” He’s become famous for his reckless and crazy lifestyle. This episode is a throwback to an interview I did with Tucker two years ago, when he was just starting to settle down, and to move into a calmer time of his life.


We talk about a lot of the reasons behind Tucker’s own time of reckless living, and some of the ways in which it can be ok, and some of the reasons it can be very harmful and destructive. In addition, there are a lot of really specific tidbits for people who want to meet more women, or people in general, to find better relationships. For example, if you want to meet more women, simply list out the things you’re interested in. Of those, throw out any that women in general are not interested in, and then find ways to connect and get involved with groups centering around those remaining things. You will not be able to help but meet women.


This one is a riot, but also full of useful information at the same time. Tucker has been through a lot, and developed valuable insight into the psychology of party culture, where it’s right and wrong, and how to understand how it should fit into your own life specifically. Enjoy!


“When you decide to take full responsibility for everything in your life, you’ve made the leap from child to adult.” - Tucker Max

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Notes on the Show:

  • When you have everything you want externally, and you’re still not happy, you need to start asking questions about what’s going on internally
  • When you decide to take full responsibility for everything in your life, you’ve made the leap from child to adult
  • When something is wrong with someone’s life, most people look externally for a reason, but it’s often either internal, or sometimes a combination of both. But, regardless of any external or internal problems, you are responsible for your own life
  • Often (not always), when a guy is hooking up with a ton of women, he has unresolved issues in his life, and unresolved feelings toward important women in his life
  • Other times, it’s an attachment issue
  • Unconscious psychological defenses are often too strong for someone to be able to tell you what is wrong, and for you to be able to accept it
  • If you want to meet a specific kind of woman, or person in general, you need to think carefully about where they are and what they do, what you like of those things, and then go to groups centered around those things
  • The internet is full of productivity blogs, etc, but a lot of people who spend a lot of time reading those are using them as guilt reduction for not actually getting things done
  • If you’re a man, you’re already a real man! There aren’t any specific things you need to do or not do to be a “real man,” because there are counterexamples for all of them
  • Instead of "What is a real man?" the better question is “what kind of man do you want to be?”


“Most people who want change, want painless change. But it just doesn’t work like that.” - Tucker Max

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