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When was the last time you traveled somewhere new? Today I’m joining you from The Ronald Regan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, which is about 45 minutes north of LA.  And I want to talk about the importance of getting out of your normal environment and your comfort zone. Going somewhere new is a great way to see different lands and also a perfect time to do some “deep thinking.” It’s not often we can take time out of our busy days and just be still for 30 minutes. But when you’re able to do this, good things happen…. new business ideas come up, valuable insight arises, and you become very present by noticing the subtleties of life.  How different would your life be if you thought deeply everyday?  Enjoy the show! Let me know what you think on twitter and instagram @jamesswanwick 

If you want to see the beautiful view of the Simi Valley, you can watch the video here:


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