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Do you see a pretty woman in the street or in a bar, want to go talk to her, but freeze at the final moment and do nothing? Is there a colleague you really want to ask out? Is there one person you've been thinking about but don't know how to approach? Don't worry. You're not alone. But dating coach, Tripp, is going to teach you how to overcome your approach anxiety in 5 easy steps.

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Yes, you CAN travel the world for $50 a day - IF you know the tips. Matt Kepnes. aka "Nomadic Matt", has the tips. And he's going to reveal them to you. From saving money on alcohol, flights, accommodation and MUST listen to this interview so you can become an international traveling expert.

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Do you tell little white lies and think they don't mean anything? What about BIG lies? Are you lying to yourself and you don't even realize it? What is a lie? Men's coach Mike Hrostoski teaches you how to stop lying, tell the truth, and live a stress-free life of freedom.

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Do you often wonder why you’re single? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking, “Is there something wrong with me” or “What am I doing wrong?” Maybe you LOVE being single and it’s a choice! If so, awesome! Hats off to you. But for those of us who often wonder, “Why am I still single”, today relationships coach Jordan Gray is going to give you some possible answers AND 5 ways to break any barriers to intimacy that you may have.

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Be better at everything with some simple lifestyle amendments. Today's guest, Dave Asprey, is one of the world’s most renowned bio-hackers. In this episode, Dave's going to show you the SIMPLEST things you can do to be better at everything – to BULLETPROOF YOUR LIFE.

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Would you like to elevant your performance so you give yourself every opportunity to succeed and reach your goals? Todd Herman is a peak performance coach. He coaches Olympic athletes the mental side of their game. In this episode, Todd teaches you how to extract your best performance every day.


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Want to get more stuff done? Don't know how? You're about to learn the tricks. The podcast King, John Lee Dumas, reveals how he gets more stuff done before 9am than the rest of the world does in an entire day. John, who is the host of the #1 podcast on iTunes, Entrepreneur on Fire, reveals how his time in the US Army trained him to be a productivity machine.

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Do you dream of getting into the Playboy Mansion one day? James has been 3 times and has some tips. In this interview, he speaks to Ms. August 2008 Playmate, Kayla Collins. Kayla teaches you how to date a Playmate and what REALLY goes on in the infamous grotto.

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If you're single, you will learn how to attract any woman you want. If you're in a relationship with a girlfriend or wife, you will learn how to keep your lady interested. James speaks to professional pickup artist Julien Blanc of Real Social Dynamics. Julien will show you how to approach and seduce women, maintain your drive and confidence, and have the relationship of your dreams.


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Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks about how to crush your fear and take risks. The former Governor of California teaches the life lessons that enabled him to take risks and achieve all of his dreams. Be inspired as we dissect the life of Arnold.

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