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Owen Cook from Real Social Dynamics teaches guys how not to run out of things to say to twomen.

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How should you dress? What's cool? What's not? What makes you look like a REAL man? What makes you look like a boy? James catches up with LA-based stylist Kimberly Seltzer to teach you some fashion and style tips. To book a consultation with Kimberly:


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Are you afraid of taking action? Of rejection? One of James's entrepreneurial buddies, Matt Gallant, reveals the story of how he met his wife. He saw her in the street and was captivated by her. What did he do? What did he say? Did he get rejected? What was his reaction? Listen in as one man tells his inspiring story. Tweet James at @jamesswanwick. Follow on instagram at @jamesswanwick.



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How can you make more money? By using your connections. Learn how to utilize the power of your network. James talks to John Corcoran of Smart Business Revolution, who gives some great action steps.




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One minute you're going 100mph, everything's going great. But somehow, you start to slow down just a little bit. You cut a corner here. You cut a corner there. You start to relax. You compromise just a little. Before you know it, you're on the slippery slope sliding down fast. James talks about the danger of the slippery slope.

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Alpha Male Club host James Swanwick returns from 2 weeks in Australia to find himself out of shape. After binging on crap food for 2 weeks and doing minimal exercise, James comes clean. Don't be like James. Listen to his confession and rant here.

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James speaks with CrossFit veteran Adam Billing about the pros and cons of CrossFit.

Is it for you?

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James discusses the pros and cons of taking a woman to a 5-star hotel.




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The pros and cons of interacial dating. James catches up with Niki McElroy, author of "A Black Girl's Guide To Dating White Men".

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