The James Swanwick Show

James talks about how to make exercise a non-negotiable.


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Alpha Male Club member Alvaro Valencia talks about losing 30lbs in 30 days along his journey to burn 100lbs of fat.


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Known the world over as America’s Business Expert, Bill Walsh has taught thousands how to connect with millionaires, create the perfect business plan, and develop a ‘success’ mindset. Walsh can and will show you how to make your life rain with cash and build the business you’ve always wanted.


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James's mentor, Tai Lopez, talks about how to live the good life.

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Dating and relationship expert and Hollywood screenwriter Adam Gilad has been showing men how to bring out their untapped boldness toward women and relationships with the insight packed into the pages of The Boldness Code. Today he teaches you how to be bold and free as you successfully navigate five make-or-break moments with any woman you want.


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Want to make $1million and don't know where to start? Adam Markel will teach you the mindset you'll need to make it happen.


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Thinking of throwing a party? James speaks with Los Angeles-based Brit, Darren Darnborough, about how to throw a good party. 



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Retirement expert, Greg Herlean, teaches you how to have $1million waiting for you at retirement.


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Olympics 100m hurdles Gold Medal Winner Aries Merritt teaches you how to achieve any goal.

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America's No. 1 handwriting expert, Bart Baggett, teaches you how to read a woman's handwriting. You'll become the most interesting man in the room with this.

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