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James catches up with his old mate, Craig "Hutchy" Hutchison to talk about the importance of phoning rather than emailing.

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How do you trust your instincts? Joanna Garzillis tells him - and you - how.

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James speaks with Dr. Rich Shuttler about how you can get the most out of your employees.

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How do you create opportunities in your life? James caught up with Stever Robbins, the Get It Done Guy, again. Together, they give you the blueprint to create, recognize and jump on opportunities.

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You're pissed off, annoyed and grumpy. Your girlfriend or wife or sister or mother doesn't know why. How would you like to explain it to them so they understand and all can be at peace in the world? Listen in to find out.

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I interviewed famous movie stars when I was a Hollywood entertainment correspondent, 2003-2010.

Friends often ask me what it was like and encourage me to tell them stories.

So I’ve finally recorded a 2-hour memoir.

It's filled with my real-life stories and experiences, including:



  • Angelina Jolie putting her breasts inches from my face
  • Justin Timberlake threatening me
  • What I said to make Paris Hilton laugh out loud
  • The day paparazzi mistook me for a movie star
  • Why Kiefer Sutherland gave me his personal cell phone number
  • How I became friends with the guy who played “Stifler” in the American Pie movies
  • Life lessons from Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion
  • Why Jason Statham and Ben Stiller complained to movie studio executives about me
  • Which Oscar-winner movie star told me to “take a hike”
  • Why I stood up and walked out on Katie Holmes
  • My super awkward moment with John Travolta
  • Which British actress made me weak at the knees
  • My weird moment in Michael Douglas’s movie trailer toilet
  • Interviewing my childhood idol, Jon Bon Jovi, on my 35th birthday
  • …and many other stories including Jennifer Aniston, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, The Rock, Jack Nicholson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Aniston, Macauley Culkin, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Paul Walker.
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Online video expert Gideon Shalwick discusses 10 ways to grow your business using online video.

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How to boost your digestive fire.

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How to increase your chances of having children.

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Charles Darwin said it wasn't the strongest or the fittest who survived, but the most adaptable to change. James explains why you should always adapt.

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