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How do you think bigger? How do you live bigger? How do you take action bigger? This is the topic of today’s episode as I’m joining you from Park City, Utah for the Sundance Festival. It all starts with surrounding yourself with people that are acting and playing larger than you. Enjoy the show! Let me know what you think on instagram and twitter @jamesswanwick and 


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I’m here today at the Tai Lopez Conference in New York City, where I’m MC-ing for the next few days. Have you ever considered attending one of his live events? Well for the duration of the show, I’ll give you a sneak peak into what goes on at this amazing conference. I’ll be speaking with some of the guests, listing in to Tai’s talks, and much more. There are about 650 people here in total, all looking to grow and become their best self in 2016.  Enjoy the show! Let me know what you think on instagram and twitter @jamesswanwick and 




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What habit is holding you back from your true potential in 2016? What have you been doing for years that is no longer serving you?  If we can eliminate our bad habits we can drastically change the course of our lives.  As you might guess, the topic of today’s show is habits, and how you can eliminate and implement them.  A few habits, which I have followed that truly helped my happiness level are writing in my gratitude journal every morning, and preparing my gym clothes and workout the night before.  What habits have you implemented this new year? Enjoy the show! Let me know what you think on twitter and Instagram @jamesswanwick and

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Today I’m coming to you from New York City, as I’m on the air for the first time in 2016.  And to all the listeners out there, thanks so much for the ongoing support of the James Swanwick Show. I appreciate it, you’re the ones that make it happen! Also the big news is that I will be launching a new Podcast this year, so stay tuned. What are your new years resolutions this year? What will make 2016 different? Please let me know on twitter or instagram @jamesswanwick and

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